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Setting out for your journey to Greenland, you also want to embark upon the ARCTIC CIRCLE TRAIL?

You just want to escape from your draining daily life?

Simply enjoy the silence? Feel the nature? Get in touch with your inner self?

Return in a much better and relaxed shape?

But you might have never done something like that before?

Because of this you want a guide, an experienced fellow to accompany and look after you?

Then, this is exactly the right page for you and your experience:


                                                         ! ARCTIC CIRCLE TRAIL !

It is my goal to provide a good alternative to the commercialized "all-inclusive-travel-agency-tourism" and make it possible for people, who do not consider themselves capable of managing said trail - there are many reasons for doubt - to do exactly that.

Moreover, I have a personal interest in fighting for its existence.

And all of that is meant to happen on an ecological and sustainable basis in order for the both

beautiful and endangered Arctic nature to be treated carefully and with respect.

In addition, you can extend your knowledge about survival in the nature and talk about your experiences with each other.

You do the trail, I accompany you and assist you if need be.

In the evening  we plan and talk about the next day, whereby your thoughts, wishes and requests are of the utmost importance.

Team spirit is good, but nevertheless everyone should get their money worth and have a great time.

And there are plenty of little sights that I can tell you about.

My job is to support you regarding preparation, equipment, planning and so on and so forth, to eventually accompany you on the way from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut - if it necessary - to intervene and help. If you want to, I can also entertain you with stories and tales about the Arctic Circle Trail and Greenland, its history, its culture and my personal eperiences concerning this magnificent country. Depending on your interest I also have plenty to say about the geology, the flora and the fauna.

       To a wonderful time of getting to know yourself Greenland, the people and time!

                                                     ! 10 days that will bring you on !

                                                  TIKILLUARIT / WELCOME !

                                                                                                               ( TOUR LANGUAGE: German, English )       





Booked up.


449.-€ per person

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This page is only for contact!


After the first contact you receive mail with all the included services, my personal particulars and the details for your booking.


It`s only after this that you make a decision whether or not you want to book.


After registration I am utterly available for your requests and questions regarding the following services and issues of preparation:

Physiological and mental coaching, planning, travels, travelling expenses, equipment, diet, clothing, opportunities of travelling before and after the ACT, fitness, survival techniques and other.

In Greenland: company/guiding on the ACT with subsequent picture service.

(FindmeSpot - emergency and tracking - service)


Best, Thomas

(Besides these dates I am available to you throughout the whole year for your own travels and ventures as a guide. If interested, just contact me. Everything else will be discussed then)


This offer, including all services, contains absolute exclusion of liability in case of accidents and requires the participants to be in full possession of their strength and faculties at the beginning of the tour. The safety and the risk are left at the participants` risk.



copyright  : CornerTravel



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Ihre Angaben wurden erfolgreich versandt.

    Impressum: Thomas Ecke, Buchbrünnleweg 19, 78479 Reichenau, Germany, Fon: +49 1749672546,
                                                                         Stand 02.11.2022

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